80 years of peace?? What peace?

1953 Uprising in East Germany

1955-1959 Cyprus Emergency

1956 Uprising in Poznań

1956 Hungarian Revolution

1956–1962 Operation Harvest

1958 Opération Corse

1958 First Cod War

1959–2011 Basque conflict

1961–1967 South Tyrol insurgency

1962–1964 Jura conflict[3]

1967 Greek coup d'état

1968 Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia

1968–1998 The Troubles

1970–1984 Unrest in Italy

1972 Bugojno group

1972–1973 Second Cod War

1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus1

974 Carnation Revolution

1975–1976 Third Cod War

1975 Portuguese coup d'état attempt

1976–present Corsican Insurgency

1981 Spanish coup d'état attempt

1986 Evros River incident

1991 Croatian homeland war

1989 Romanian Revolution

1990–1991 Soviet attacks on Lithuanian border posts

1991 January Events - Latvia

1991 The Barricades- Lithuania

1990 Log Revolution - Croatia

1991–2001 Yugoslav Wars

1991 Ten-Day War

1991–1995 Croatian War of Independence

1992–1995 Bosnian War

1992–1994 Croat–Bosniak War

1998–1999 Kosovo War

1992 Transnistria War

1997–1998 Cyprus Missile Crisis

1997 Albanian civil war of 97

1997 Operation Libelle

2001 Georgia, Kodori crisis

2001 Insurgency in the Republic of Macedonia

2011–2013 North Kosovo crisis

2014 Russia invades Crimea

pieces more likely.....




Human being tired of being lied to.

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Alex Ates Haywood

Alex Ates Haywood

Human being tired of being lied to.

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