I just have a bone to pick with the ones trying to destroy us all.

Recently I got accused of hating and ignoring the contribution of the wealthy to our society, their altruism, and the advances we got as a result of their leadership and capital-driven progress.

Please do not misunderstand my position. I do not hate “the wealthy” because they are wealthy. First, I…

I propose new avatars for Politicians and their CEO owners.

The already inadequate infrastructure+reconciliation bill is being met with a treatment of predatory delay, instigated by that murder of Crows, fossil fuel CEOs, aided and abetted by that mischief of Rats, opportunistic politicians, the prominent specimens of which are Senators Sinema and Manchin.

This would be disgraceful even under the…

The good is oft interred with the bones

Climate leadership in the real world means direct collisions not only with your entrenched beliefs and denials, but also with entrenched financial interests and greed of unimaginable scope and cruelty.

Senator Manchin has 10 Grandkids. Mr. and Mrs. Manchin are, apparently, proud to be grandparents of Joseph V, Sophie, Kelsey…

What US intelligence agencies just said about the climate crisis

In October, ahead of the useless and infuriating spectacle that is the COP 26 meeting in Glasgow, quietly, with little fanfare, and it seems almost reluctantly, the U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence released a report titled:

“Climate Change and International Responses Increasing Challenges to US National Security…

Ed, Thank your for this article. I have just written a similiar article in Medium as to why we need Nuclear Energy, at least as a bridge, till we can come up with a better solution. As far as radiation is concerned, most people don't realize fly ash from coal releases more radioactivity to the surrounding landscape than nuclear plants and mining accident kill thousands a year. Please take a look at my article. I'd welcome any coments or feedback.

Alex Ates Haywood

Ex-BMW salesman, ex-Financial Advisor, ex-capitalist, ex-husband, current rebel, always a father.

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