Thermodynamics is a bastard and the second law is a bitch.

Thank you for your articles. You must be an educator and we need honest and clear-eyed educators in order to design our transition to deep adaptation and possible survival which by no means is guaranteed.

My hope is that we can leave different ideas about what it means to be Human for our descendants besides raising ignorant consumers.

Great article. I only disagree with...wait, I don't disagree with anything in this piece, I just wish I could.

There is no doubt humanity is in for a rough ride. As Mr. Tainter said we are faced with "a persistent and drastic loss of complexity". I hope Prof. Rees is incorrect when he calculated Earth's carrying capacity to be about 2 billion people. I was hoping for 4 billion above the 40th parallel (by 2140.?) Heaven help us because we can't...

Thank you for trying to inform the masses.

Alex Ates Haywood

Alex Ates Haywood

Ex-BMW salesman, ex-Financial Advisor, ex-capitalist, ex-husband, current rebel, always a father.