Aahhh....."sceptics claim without evidence..."?? The study is only for 42 countries and states "Assuming perfect transmission and annual generation equal to annual demand, but no energy storage, we find the most reliable renewable electricity systems are wind-heavy and satisfy countries’ electricity demand in 72–91% of hours " and says nothing of the demantdin materials, destruction and emissions durung construction and casually suggests an even improved % coverage while non-chalantly suggesting 12 hours of enery storage for the planet. HOW??? How can anyone be not sceptical? Assuming PERFECT transmission is saying like assuming that all the metal, plastics, concrete, land is just sitting around to be made into solar panels and windmills without any extraction or construction pollution and Pronto, sceptics are crushed the planet is saved! Good, I can go back to watching the Kardahians...


Human being tired of being lied to.

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