Am I? Far be it from me to debate with a NASA fellow and climate scientist but... the article you cite by Zeke Hausfather which has the improbable chart showing the levelling off of global temperature increase above the industrial average, has a few problems. First of all it is also cited in an article by the World Economic Forum and states "The figure below, adapted from a 2010 paper in Nature Geosciences by Prof H Damon Matthews and Prof Andrew Weaver, compares projected temperature changes out to 2200..."

It also has disclaimer in teeny tiny font that states" but constant concentrations would result in continued warming".

Citing this as "the most recent and best available science is, well... misleading at best. The UN however states : " "

Carbon brief is funded by the European Climate foundation which in turn is funded by Bloomberg, Rockfeller, Hewlett, Packard and other US and Intl "philantrophic" family foundations all of which have evaded taxes all their lives long and have made their fortunes polluting this planet. As XR Reblellion states : First tell the truth.

Net-zero, even if it is achievable by 2050 will not stop the warming immediately. Trees don't suck up that much carbon immediately. The article you yourself cite states: "In the very long run – over many hundreds to thousands of years – carbon sinks would become dominant and global temperatures would eventually fall – as long as anthropogenic CO2 emissions remained at net-zero."

I love cherries.

Human being tired of being lied to.

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