Andrew, thank you for your thoughts. I agree with far too much of what you have written so I'll spare you the compliments that are rightfully due. It is both fun and futile to speculate about the future but now it has taken on a new urgency for me. As a financial planner for two decades, economic fortune telling had always been an art and a pseudo-science I engaged in. I tried, unlike some, to be as honest as possible with the people I worked with. 2012 I moved to a supposed not-for-profit when I realized the firm I worked for .. well, let's just say our politics diverged. By 2016 it became clear that it was 1- no longer possible not to lie (due to the convergence of related but seperate catastrophes approaching) and 2 - ceased to be fun. We have since sold almost all our possessions, bought and renovated an old RV and drove out of the city we called home - not to save the planet but to be mobile, save ourselves and help our family and friends. I'm not sure our personal salvation is possible but trying will also give us (and this community of prognosticators) faced with multiple calamities of our own making, a chance to discuss what it will mean to be human in the future.


Human being tired of being lied to.

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