B, I was very comfortable with my life in a Wall Street firm for over 15 years when I began to realize our predicament and quit Schwab in 2013 and went to a not-for-profit (mmm... not so much, I realized after a couple of years) working with educators. In 2015, when Paris happened, I thought that I could finally out-source my anxiety but quickly realized that it was a mistake and nothing was going to change. I finally quit corporate America just before the 2016 election and opened a restaurant in my neighborhood (lasted 3.5 years).

Many, many tings you write I have, and I have been called many names, some by my family. So much so that I composed an email tot hem that included :

"This issue is different and if I do shut up please know something is probably wrong with me.

I want to choose my words carefully and not just say “climate change” because frankly that would be a death-defying oversimplification.

The “issue” is a cascading set of events that are taking place right now only one symptom of which is “climate change”.

These events obviously exercebated by rising global temperatures will lead to an exponential increase in what systems scientists gently refer to as “discontinuity”."


I know my writing is mainly for my own consumption and channeling my panic, trying to defy what my mind tells me. I want so badly to be wrong but self-delusion is not my thing.

I've shrunk my ecological and economic footprint as much as I can and am resigned to waiting and coping as best as I can.

Knowing that there are like-minded, intelligent people out there doesn't give me hope but reassures me that I haven't gone completely insane. Thank you.

Keep writing, someone is reading, and keep well.




Human being tired of being lied to.

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Alex Ates Haywood

Alex Ates Haywood

Human being tired of being lied to.

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