"GDP has its critics and its flaws, but you’ll need a radical reason to dispute how expanding the global economy by 100 times is a negative overall." ??

Radical reasons???

Unfortunately for Tupy, no matter how much you try, unlimited growth in a limited system is not possible, especially if 100 times increase in GDP causes a similar increase in pollution and destruction of the ecosystem. The rosy GDP scenarios all conveniently ignore ignore these extrenalities. And we ARE running out of resources. Cherry-picking commodities that are getting harder and harder to mine/produce/get-out-of ground, and and ignoring the loss of clean air, water and arable land is incorrect. I especialy love the assertion "famine has almost disappeared" by just counting calories and ignoring the distribution and access to these calories, especially since the UN is warning about drastic increasein food security. It also ignores that the nutritional value of the food that we consume is getting more and more dubious at best as demonstrated by the toll COVID has taken on people who have had bad nutrition all their lives. I love optimism just as much as the next person does but minimizing the enormous challanges humanity faces is not going to solve any of these issues, neither is growing the GDP to absurd levels even if it is possible. Here are a couple of citations . Please feel free to take a look.


Scholarship UC item 9js5291m.pdf


Human being tired of being lied to.

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