"I am an extreme outlier right now. No one else is seeing the disaster I am predicting yet. So, I could just be a very smart “crazy person”.

Richard, if you are crazy, we belong in the same asylum. We sold our house in FL last year. Moved to IL to start a small "victory garden" style food growing operation, and maybe get some land.

We are trying to eliminate all debt in our personal economies and are making ourselves as tight-knit a family as possible with the smallest dependence on city services. Solar, back up gen, water filteration, getaway RV etc. Moved to within 6 houses of my brother-in-law who has 2 young kids and we are now sharing a house with the-laws in a city where our daughter lives. And we are looking for a small plot a couple of hours outside Chicago. Large metro areas will become too vulnerable and dangerous when the lights start to flicker and food deliveries get delayed.

Will we survive?? Who knows?

I may be too old to see the worst but starting a different lifestyle with alternatives may help the survival of our youngsters.

It seems the best we can do right now, while I keep hoping I am devastatingly wrong and realize belong in an asylum with the likes of Richard :-)


Human being tired of being lied to.

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