"I feel confident that a global economy with a productive capacity around $500 trillion by 2050 .."....followed by gobbledy-gook!

For the present world GDP of $86 Trillion to go to $500 T by 2050 would mean over 11% GROWTH/year.. for the next 28 years and our 17.7 terawatt of energy use/year, which is causing all the problems we are talking about, will reach over 106 Terawatts - effectively cooking everyone's goose.

I feel confident that I don't know how to say "delusional" without being offensive, Sorry.

Oh, also... no one is talking about anything happening 20 CENTURIES from now, not the IPCC, not scientists or soothsayers.

Even Nostradamus kept his predictions to about 6 centuries.


"We tone down our mitigation plans to 2.5 degrees C and do nothing instead??"

"The highly prosperous SSP1 and SSP5 looks amazing???





Human being tired of being lied to.

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Alex Ates Haywood

Alex Ates Haywood

Human being tired of being lied to.

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