I'm not trying to pick an argument and I appreciate hope just much as the next person does but... all I hear is "recognizing", "pledging", "committing" blah, blah. The $100 billion was "pledged" years ago and less than $10 billion has been allocated. Glasgow Financial Alliance on the other hand is hand-in-glove with corporate oligarchs (such as Blackrock's Larry Fink, Danone etc,) are getting ready to commodify nature. The first "Natural Asset Company" established to "acquire the rights" to natural resources has been listed on the NYSE this September. Hope is great but action speaks louder. https://medium.com/politically-speaking/capitalism-your-planet-is-worth-4-000-trillion-dollars-52d9a8f7e629

Ex-BMW salesman, ex-Financial Advisor, ex-capitalist, ex-husband, current rebel, always a father.

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