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2 min readApr 16, 2023


I'm sorry but for a scientist this is the type of sloppy article I would expect from main stream defenders of Neo-liberal capitalism.

For one, one can not claim "absolutely" anything when human behavior is concerned, but setting that aside, one has to first define what it means to "solve climate change".

Climate change is not one problem with a specific solution like coming up with an alloy that can withstand Mach 4 speeds. It is a predicament humanity has gotten itself into, borne out of indiscriminate use of a finite deposit of energy dense, portable fossil fuels that have enabled us to expand technology use (which leads to pollution of all kinds including but not limited to CO2) and has allowed us to expand our population beyond the carrying capacity of the planet.

Just getting rid of fossil fuels ( which ABSOLUTELY will not be possible in 15-20 years given that it will crash economies, cause millions of deaths and requires unprecedented cooperation between now warring nations) will not correct overshoot or "solve" the issue of environmentally destructive practices. Nor will it magically lead to global cooperation and peace.

The solution you are striving for has a core fatal flaw: it is trying to keep Global Industrial Civilization going as it is and keep it growing while tinkering around the edges of the "energy" problem. The solutions in this context relies on unrealistic cooperation, unproven-at-scale technologies, magically declining costs in the face of exploding material demand and accelerated mineral extraction to build and deploy solar panels and wind turbines without destroying the planet in the process.

Nobody believes the scientist and engineers? Really? Which scientists? You?

Here is one Astrophysicist:

Here a few engineer's thoughts who provide links to other research:

We are not doomers because we like it. We think what is doomed is Business As Usual, especially if we leave it to Bill Gates ( who bought the first DOS operating system, is not an engineer and is at best a good marketer) or Elon Musk who only has 3 utility patents to his name and is a good organizer, a genius in getting government subsidies and is arguably a supreme narcissist. These people may "solve the problem" of their own survival but not ours.

And one more from me: Doomism is depressing but hopeism is killing me!



Alex Ates Haywood

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