I'm sure it's a great book but claiming that people who are beginning to realize the seriousness of the climate calamity we face have been made "liars of" because a book has collected a selection of kumbaya solutions to the destruction we are faced with is a stretch, especially when the world is in the grips of yet another war that wastes far more food and energy than all the uneaten burgers we throw out.

Neither is this book a rebuttal to "it's too late!".

We collectively, as a species, are doing nothing to meet this challange except meet once a year to declare that we still have time and that it is "theoretically" possible to change course and make useless and insincere pledges then go home and (in the US) kill every environmental bill that comes up.

Just ask Joe Manchin if it is too late.

We can't even agree to wear masks while people are dropping dead in front of our eyes let alone dying of heat-stroke in some far off land that is perceived as backward and undeserving of Western comforts anyway. We don't want South American refugees, Turkey doesn't want Syrians, Italy doesn't want Libyans and Ukrainans are going to be the next population to be shunned soon.

It may not be "too late" theoretically, but this crisis has come too early in our evolution, before we have realized that we, all of us have to cooperate. We just haven't been able to and our chances of an epiphany seems to be a few billion deaths away.

The problem is that we can not sustain our "Global Industrial Economy" by any one of the suggestions or observations in this article. We know we are wasting food, fuel, cooperation and goodwill. Saying we are producing too much plastic is an observation not a solution. What do we replace them with? "Micro-grids" sound so cute! Where do get the millions of solar panels and batteries needed for that? How soon? How do we deploy? Without plastics? or smelting metals or mining millions of miles of copper? Planetwide?

Please! Doomism is depressing but hopeism is killing us!


Human being tired of being lied to.

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