Is Doomism Bad? Is Techno-hopeism Any Better?

What to do if neither works?

Alex Ates Haywood


Credit: Aljazeera — Starvation in Ethiopia

No matter what the lunatic cultists and sycophantic believers of The Perpetual Growth Religion tell you, it is becoming evident each day that the planet will run out of critical materials in just the next few decades in their frantic effort to build as many renewable energy devices and EVs as they can, in as short a time as possible just to save themselves from themselves.

It is hardly surprising that the ones who are the most vociferous advocates of the coming techno-marvels about to save us are the same ones who benefit most from those ingenious solutions, not the kids dying in the Sahel for lack of calories; kids whose lives the West has destroyed by stealing everything in their continent and now getting ready to steal their sunshine so they can churn out more Mercedeses and fly from London to Sydney in a single bound.

Most of us in the relatively well-off “West”, have forgotten that without excess energy, energy that is above and beyond sustaining our bodies, we can not live, produce work, reproduce to perpetuate our species or even get up off our beds, if we are lucky enough to have them.

Economies starve just the same as individuals. We have yet to learn that lesson.

You and I and everyone you know and have ever known were born in the middle of a one-time conflagration of the planet, a conflagration of stored solar energy. We have since come to consider it as the normal state of things, so it is very hard for us to imagine a severe disruption and what a world with less excess energy would imply.

The techno-hopists who have come into being in this unbridled burning of fossil fuels insist that we are an especially clever species of fire apes who can perpetually come up with increasingly ingenious ways to keep setting fires with little consequence.

They are forgetting that pre-human Australopithecus Africanus dates back 3 million years and the oldest homo-sapiens is over 300,000 years old. We have had large pre-frontal cortexes and opposable thumbs since then and discovered fire 1.2 million years ago.

Everything you see around you has started with that small fire.



Alex Ates Haywood

After 20 years in finance I realized it was all a lie. Now I'm trying to figure out what 'it' is. Human being tired of being lied to.