Mr. Mann is turning into the biggest shill for capitalism ever. As with the other apologists of our present way of life, he is still pushing the notion that we can somehow salvage the violent approach to the planet that capitalism has perfected by tinkering around the periphery of its rapacious consumption of everything it can.

Substituting what little we can of its fossil fuel demand with Solar and wind (manufactured by fossil fuels) and somehow letting it keep on raping the planet in the name of profit, cost and of course most importantly in the name of keeping the hierarchy that has given us this calamity in power and wealth, is all that he is concerned with.

He is, after all, a direct beneficiary of it.

Even he can't imagine constricting his personal economy by 50% while knowing the catastrophe we are faced with, so how can we expect anyone else to?

All other "solutions that are not too late" that he confidently offers are designed to keep him swilling his wine and Starbucks lattes while he writes his next book on how we need to pull together to save the planet.

Pescatarian indeed!

His mealy mouthed answers are designed to prevent the panic soon to engulf the planet.

One must be afflicted with a special kind of insanity if one can still say:

"it it not too late for humanity to come together" and do this that and other thing to save itself from itself when we have truckers in Canada who refuse acknowledge that we have an obligation to each other to keep infection rates down in the middle of a pandemic, China is gaslighting the world by pledging to do nothing till 2060 or when there are nuclear "exercises" are being carried out in Belarus by a Petro-king intent on exerting his dominance in full realization that Russia's fossil fuel resources can now be truly weaponized.

Good luck to us all, especially to you Mr. Mann. I'm glad you are convinced that:

"We just need policies to speed up this transition that's already underway..."

Denial is a powerful tool.




Human being tired of being lied to.

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Alex Ates Haywood

Alex Ates Haywood

Human being tired of being lied to.

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