No matter how bad you thought the climate crisis was,

It is worse

Alex Ates Haywood


It’s worse than you think or maybe worse than we can think.

It seems to be a fundamental flaw in the human race, this ability to selectively heed warnings dependent on the expediency of the moment, how we are willfully blind to the approaching calamity that is about to engulf life on Earth. Sad, really.

So, let me be clear right up-front.

1- Increasing CO2 and other greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere are leading to a disastrous warming of the planet, to climate instability, and eventually, if unchecked, will lead to catastrophic changes to the way of life human beings have established on the planet.

2- Human activity is, by far, the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions on the planet today.

Number 1 is not inevitable, technically. However, looking at the world and the way the power elites are behaving, it is becoming increasingly evident that they are not willing to change course on the road to ruin.

Of number 2 there is no doubt. There is no “lack of consensus” among scientists.

If you are not convinced of numbers 1 and 2, keep in mind that it is the same scientists that put a GPS with satellite pictures of the whole Earth in your pocket and landed a man on the moon who is telling you the above. Not me. I’m just the imperfect messenger to their prophecies of doom.

If you do not “believe” in the above, there are many other things you can do on your last days on the planet besides reading my writing. Please, go ahead and engage in whatever activity will keep your blood pressure down but do the planet a solid and stay away from the ballot box.

If you are somewhat convinced but believe in technological miracles that will happen upon us at the last minute and avert calamity, keep in mind this is not your average Holywood disaster movie. This is your life, now.

There is no savior around the corner, no AI technology in the next 10 years that will solve this problem, no alien race waiting beyond the orbit of Jupiter about to fly in to save us from ourselves.



Alex Ates Haywood

After 20 years in finance I realized it was all a lie. Now I'm trying to figure out what 'it' is. Human being tired of being lied to.