"Not everyone agrees with the IEA’s assessment."

No kidding! Mr. Birol's own IEA's 2021 Energy report (linked below) shows that "announced pledges" takes us to 1.9 degrees with a 33% probability - I am so tired of being lied to. No offense, I don't mean this article but the powers-that-be. XR is right. First tell the truth.


Buried in the report are many absurdities and propaganda disguised as hope. For example it envisions that EV vehicle sales will be 64% of all passenger car sales - globally by 2030 and and 84 % of all trucks by 2040 " to keep 1.5 degrees alive" or that "unabated coal" will only account for 8% of power generation by... 2030. Did Mr. Birol really listen to China or India?

Seriously folks...