Thank you Brad. I agree with almost everything you have written. I have railed against capitalism for a while now as an ex, now- reformed, terrified and sad old-cog in the capitalist wheel. We need to stop negotiating with it but I'm not sure if it is possible before a world-wide calamity makes our predicament impossible to ignore even by the oligarchs.

I have suggested among other things:

"we need to nationalize fossil fuel companies. All of them."

"We need to use our remaining" carbon budget" (which in itself is a lie) to build the traditional structures (political as well as real) and institutions we need." for a low carbon low consumption future.

We need to eliminate "travel-for-pleasure". Decommission ALL cruise ships, instead of bailing them out with our tax dollars.

We need to divert all military spending to climate mitigation and DEMAND they share technologies that are "secret" but have been developed with our tax dollars and the blood of our sons and daughters.

We need to stop importing cheap crap and stop buying it just because it is cheap and make us warm and fuzzy for 15 minutes.

It is not as if we do not know what to do. It is that we can not do it under business as usual.

So we negotiate in futility and wait in terror.

When my terror abates a bit sometimes I try to come up with some solutions. Then I realize we do to have a problem but a "state of affairs" that we have to cope with.

A few more are below, if anyone is interested.

Human being tired of being lied to.

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