Thank you for the article of hopeium.

What I would like to know is :

What is the energy density of biodiesel from algae?

Since it takes 1 liter of water to produce 0.01 liters of algae (not biodiesels yet) how many billions of liters of water will be needed to supply, say the US's diesel consumption? (hint: US diesel consumption is 47 billion gallons annually; approx. 213 billion liters...)

Are we harvesting and processing the said algae without any fossil fuel inputs?

Are we building the plants needed for processing with no oil or gas inputs?

Are we transferring the biodiesel to end users using the said biodiesel or are we using sailing ships and horse drawn carriages?

Driving an EV (or if we get to it, an electric tanker truck) still charged by plugging in to a fossil fuel power grid does not make it renewable or green, especially since manufacturing an EV also involves extensive mining and industrial processing using fossil fuels and additional manufacturing, mining and disposal of batteries when replacement time comes.


Here are practical ideas of what you can do:

Buy less, eat less, drive less, even if you have no snow on your car and you prefer to go slow and steady.

oh.. also…


Human being tired of being lied to.

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