" The question no one can answer is ‘does man’s activities contribute to the change?’.

Yeah, yes it does. Really. And many people have answered it...unequivocally. So, please do not perpetuate the lie that NO One has answered it. You just don't like the answer !

What the heck is a cylindrical master plan anyway? You can't just string English words together and hope they make sense.

Before you cheer those farmers benefitting from a longer growing season and the following crap you wrote, maybe take a look at what what scientists are saying about agricultural yields and climate change.

In your telling, abandoning vast swaths of agricultural land to climate change and migrating our production to what is now ice covered tundra is somehow going to make food cheaper, moe abundant and lead to less starvation?

Does MBE stand for Master of Bullshit Expressions?

Greener planet indeed! "New tourist" opportunities??

What crap!

How do you feel about the BLM movement now BTW?


Human being tired of being lied to.

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