Well that's a relief. I was getting worried.

There are 1.4 billion vehicles on the planet. Now all we have to do is replace them in 1400 years, one million at a time and hoard all the Li needed for solar farms and wind plants for EVs and keep the growth of vehicles to zero for 1400 years and our long-distant ancestors will be fine.

In the meantime let's not forget an EV vehicle is only truly EV if the electricity it needs is generated by non-fossil fuel sources and the total production needs to be carbon-free too not just the batteries but also the steel, aluminum, plastics etc.

1 ton of steel needs 0.77 tons of coal to turn pig iron into steel and uses the energy equivalent of 4 barrels of oil, aliminium is worse at about 10 bbl/ton

Traditional cars have 18-49 pounds of copper, hybrid EVs contain approximately 85 pounds and plug-in hybrid EVs use 132 pounds . Not to mention things like cobalt needed that is mined by kids in the Congo, or other metals.

In the US 60% of electricity generation relies on fossil fuels, China now generates 54 percent of the world's coal-fired electricity. All those vehicles, if deployed will utilize an electric motor but still use fossil-fuel energy to move.

Our problem is our addiction to growth.

The only real solution is to consume less...much much less... of everything.


Human being tired of being lied to.

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